The new future of the music market in the NEAR blockchain

The first Audio NFT Marketplace on NEAR Blockchain with bit staking system, and Listen2earn dApp.

Since the 70s, a business model was invented that still works today. Yes, we have changed media from records to streaming. But by and large, music is still sold by big corporations to large masses of people, the income from which the artist receives minimal or no income at all.

The huge problem with the market in the first place is that musicians can't reveal themselves fully, because they are forced to write on demand what sells for pennies, or release their work in the genres that the label or record company or the market will tell them to.

The problem with the centralised market is that it tells authors what to create, rather than the author giving the world new art. This has led to a stagnant art market in general.

You have probably wondered why all music sounds the same, why films have become carbon copies, why video games have become the same - where has the diversity of genres, trends, subcultures gone, what has become of the world and why has it all become the same?

The answer is simple - the market in each sphere identifies a formula for success by experimenting and giving birth to masterpieces, but once the formula for success is identified, progress ends, the whole world starts working according to that formula, because it is successful in terms of profitability, but not in terms of development.

So we get a huge variety of content at the moment of experimentation, but then abruptly everything becomes the same.

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