The Web3 Music-Fi marketplace

The marketplace is inside the track.

In addition to the fact that on our marketplace you can simply buy or sell music, we have also developed a system for buying and selling within the track itself. Have you ever heard of selling a 'beat' within a track? We've always only heard of selling pixels, but not sound fragments. With this technology, we help promote artists not only by buying their tracks, but also by investing in their tracks as shares. In this way, fans can promote their favourite artist's tracks and earn money from them as well.

How does it work?

  1. 1.
    Each track has a certain number of bits in it
  2. 2.
    Different parts of the track can be bought bits depending on the fragment (the more interesting the moment in the track, the more expensive the bit will be, similar to the meta universe: the more interesting the piece of land, the more expensive the land
  3. 3.
    Fans invest in the track, thereby raising its value and ensuring its promotion
  4. 4.
    The track is then released
  5. 5.
    Everyone who buys certain bits in the track receives royalties from the sales or streaming of the track. The percentage of payment is set by the author himself

What else does our marketplace provide

1 - Music distribution: When you download music, it goes into the shop immediately. Unlike distributors in web2, you don't have to wait a month for someone to approve the download.
2 - Buying and selling music: When you sell your music or buy tracks from a favourite artist through our marketplace, the money goes straight to the artist's account without intermediaries or delays thanks to the NEAR protocol. This simplifies communication between artist and audience: everybody can earn and enjoy his or her music.
3 - Music licensing - Artist copyright ID In our marketplace, you can license your track and make it available for rent. Thanks to Blockchain and NFT technology, the musician will be granted the status of a real creator, which simplifies the licensing system. The artist receives royalties from each track played from other organisations. Clients, on the other hand, only pay for the music they use.
4 - Copyright protection for musicians: An artist creates music - Making music takes time and practice. AVA provides the performance rights, while songwriters, composers and music publishers focus on their own creativity. Businesses use music - Music adds value to any business, organisation or digital platform. It is a tool that attracts people, keeps their attention. Royalties for artists - AVA pays royalties to authors for music when their songs are performed in public. We value music - AVA performs on behalf of creators of music in all genres and at all stages of their careers.